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The encounter with Mister Lefroy, Tom, in the woods was still on Jane's mind as she was reading so when she heard herself discussed by her parents in the next room it was hard not to listen in.

Her father of course used such lovely language, "Her heart is stirred."

While her mother would look for an easier answer, "Its a summer squall. Mister Lefroy will soon be gone and Mister Wisley will be waiting, I hope."

Jane flushed as she listened, she hadn't realized that her thoughts were so clear to others though she almost laughed at her father's answer, "The man's a booby."

"He'll grow out of that and she could fix him with very little trouble. You could persuade her."

Her father's next words struck Jane more than she expected, "To sacrifice her happiness?"

Was Tom her happiness, even she wasn't sure, "Jane should not have the man who offers the best price, but the man she wants."

She had never heard her father speak so on her behalf and Jane smiled again as her mother spoke, "Oh, Mister Austen. Must we have this conversation day in and day out? We'll end up in the gutter if we carry on like this."

As always her mother did strike to the heart of things and the fact that more money never went amiss. Jane smiled thoughtfully as she quietly left her seat and walked outside.
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