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Jane's thoughts kept floating around marriage and what was it she needed and wanted, but she had decided that she would not think on it tonight if she could. Though the Comtesse brought it back into her thoughts as she spoke of marrying Henry so that he should have money and the importance of being sensible.

Then as if she did not know how much it would mean to Jane, she spoke of Mister Lefroy, Tom,

"If you were you might have ascertained that your Irish friend has no money, not a penny, and could not be expected to marry without it. Consider that at the ball tonight. In any event, he'll be gone tomorrow to Bond Street where he can do no more harm."

Jane didn't find a way to answer, but found herself finishing her dress with her thoughts even more scattered than they had been since Mister Wisley had proposed to her. She knew that she did feel some affection for Mister Lefroy, but what did that mean when stacked against all the things that a sensible woman must do.


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