Sep. 24th, 2010

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My dear Tom,

I read your letter with delight. I look forward to London more each day and do miss the moments that we shared in the woods and other places in between. Of late, there was a glorious dance held in Milliways with a marvelous variety of styles of dance. I wish that you might have joined me that night for whenever I dance, I wish that I was dancing with you. For the occasion, I even wore a dress that was of a slightly modern cut that I feel you might have approved of.

It pleases me greatly that you have learned the charms of Selbourne Wood, but I do look happily anticipate the bustle of London. For while trees may be inspiring in their peace, they do not make the most exciting companions.

Mayhaps I can show you my skill in mixing drinks when I visit though not near your uncle. I have been reading some of his judgments and do hope that I will sufficiently impress him. Henry appears to believe so, but he is my brother and obliged to say such things. I will strive to please him for I wish nothing more than to announce our engagement to all.

Now if only time will speed for us so that soon we will be together once more.

Yours Ever,
Jane Austen


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