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My dear Mr. Lefroy,
I anticipate the days when I may see you eagerly. All of the plans proceed apace here as the Comtesse has decided that I need at least one new dress to see you in London. She has even won over my mother to the idea. It is of some assistance that I will be traveling onward to see my sister in Plymouth.

For myself, I do admit that I have started to watch the days until I may see you. If we are to go to dancing in London than perhaps that new frock will be put to rather good use. I am grateful for your confidence in me and I hope that I shall not fail it when I meet your uncle.

I am quite sure that if there are any difficulties that the Comtesse will do her best to provide a distraction, she is distracting Henry quite well. I do hope that they will find some measure of happiness as I pray that we will.

I hope that when next we speak it shall be face to face.
Ever yours,
J. Austen


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