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2012-07-06 02:49 pm
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The Letter

Lady Gresham continued to invite the family to dine as she seemed to feel that Jane would soon realize that Mr. Wisley was the appropriate choice for her. Jane bit back many a remark as she knew they would make little difference. Tom was out of her reach and while Mr. Wisley was a kind man, he was not who she wished for.

The meal was an ordeal of propriety until a messenger arrived with a letter from the Dominicans that changed everything in a moment. Cassandra's Robert has died of yellow fever, she's not certain how they made it home through the rain. All she could hear was Cassandra's sobs and all the pain behind them.

The next few days blurred together as she did what she could to comfort Cassandra and all that she wrote was full of pain and hard choices. Mr. Wisley and Tom kept rising in her thoughts before being bound on the page, she was not ready to make that decision yet.
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2011-01-17 05:19 pm
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London Together

After talking to Mrs. Radcliffe, Jane and Tom retired to a charming coffee shop that Tom knew of. As she contemplates her drink, Jane traces designs on the table, the past day has not been easy.

She was too clever at dinner the night before and Tom's uncle did not approve and Mrs. Radcliffe seemed so unhappy.

It is so hard to know what to say to voice these worries without betraying her own fear of losing their chance together.
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2010-03-23 09:27 pm
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Jane found herself moving through the ball with far less joy than she wished as her thoughts seemed to circle ever around what it means to be sensible.

Mister Wisley was a fair dancer but he did nothing to make her enjoy her time on the floor, but she would give him the dances that he asked for.

She knew that it would be sensible and profitable to accept his offer of marriage but Jane was not sure if she truly could.

So she moved around the floor, not truly hearing or seeing simply walking the steps and wondering if perhaps Mister Lefroy had decided he had no wish to attend the ball.
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2010-03-23 09:11 pm
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Before the Ball

Jane's thoughts kept floating around marriage and what was it she needed and wanted, but she had decided that she would not think on it tonight if she could. Though the Comtesse brought it back into her thoughts as she spoke of marrying Henry so that he should have money and the importance of being sensible.

Then as if she did not know how much it would mean to Jane, she spoke of Mister Lefroy, Tom,

"If you were you might have ascertained that your Irish friend has no money, not a penny, and could not be expected to marry without it. Consider that at the ball tonight. In any event, he'll be gone tomorrow to Bond Street where he can do no more harm."

Jane didn't find a way to answer, but found herself finishing her dress with her thoughts even more scattered than they had been since Mister Wisley had proposed to her. She knew that she did feel some affection for Mister Lefroy, but what did that mean when stacked against all the things that a sensible woman must do.
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2010-01-28 12:50 am
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An Overheard Conversation

The encounter with Mister Lefroy, Tom, in the woods was still on Jane's mind as she was reading so when she heard herself discussed by her parents in the next room it was hard not to listen in.

Her father of course used such lovely language, "Her heart is stirred."

While her mother would look for an easier answer, "Its a summer squall. Mister Lefroy will soon be gone and Mister Wisley will be waiting, I hope."

Jane flushed as she listened, she hadn't realized that her thoughts were so clear to others though she almost laughed at her father's answer, "The man's a booby."

"He'll grow out of that and she could fix him with very little trouble. You could persuade her."

Her father's next words struck Jane more than she expected, "To sacrifice her happiness?"

Was Tom her happiness, even she wasn't sure, "Jane should not have the man who offers the best price, but the man she wants."

She had never heard her father speak so on her behalf and Jane smiled again as her mother spoke, "Oh, Mister Austen. Must we have this conversation day in and day out? We'll end up in the gutter if we carry on like this."

As always her mother did strike to the heart of things and the fact that more money never went amiss. Jane smiled thoughtfully as she quietly left her seat and walked outside.
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2009-09-20 02:41 am
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Laverton Fair

The day is already quite beautiful as they move towards the fair.

Jane is grinning as Lucy does her best to try and hold Tom's attention.

Though its hard to look at just one thing since there's so much swirling around them.

She lost track of where everyone else has gone off to but its lovely to just walk and listen.